About Us

LA4Beginners was founded to help visitors and new residents learn this great city.  It has so much to offer and share, beyond Hollywood and the beaches.  For every popular tourist attraction, there’s a hidden treasure that most people would be shocked to learn is here.  Yet we found that most tourist guides focused on the obvious stuff for visitors and left out much of the key insights that help new residents learn to navigate life here.

And so, we created LA4Beginners.com.

Our small team of local editors can’t possibly review every bar, restaurant, museum, park or attraction, simply because of the sheer geographic area that Los Angeles County covers, but we do our darndest to highlight the best spots and those most worth experiencing while you’re here – whether it’s for a short vacation or a longterm relocation.

If you’re looking for specific L.A. info and don’t find it here, please let us know and we’ll do our best to answer your questions.  See you around town!