Grocery Shopping in L.A.

Los Angeles offers a lot of choices when it comes to buying groceries and general household supplies. From large-scale grocery stores to upscale and niche markets, you’ll find everything you need nearby.

Grocery Stores

There are several main chain groceries in Los Angeles. They are:

These stores are full-service, in that you can purchase everything including produce, canned and packaged food, baked goods, frozen foods, drinks, snacks, liquor and wine, toiletries, over-the-counter medications, paper products, basic cooking equipment and pet food. Some offer deli counters where you can get custom sandwiches, ready-to-eat hot and cold food by the pound, and salad bars. They may even have a pharmacy counter, depending on the store.

You’ll generally find all of the major national brands at these stores, along with generic (store-brand) alternatives that are usually just as good but less expensive. Some of these stores offer rewards clubs, where you’ll save on individual items instantly or can accrue points towards coupons.

Specialty and Upscale Markets

If you’re looking for specialty items that major grocery stores might not carry, or you only want high-end brands, you have a variety of options:

These more-expensive markets offer a smaller selection of major brands, but they typically carry more organic products and a wider selection of vegetarian and special-diet foods. You’ll also find more niche brands and unique products that are worth trying when you’re in the mood for something new.

Farmer’s Markets

There are a large number of daily and/or weekly farmer’s markets in Los Angeles, where you’ll find fresh local produce, nuts and gift items (depending on the location). If you want to eat the freshest fruits and vegetables or want to save money, these markets are are great choice. Most farmer’s markets have limited hours and inventory, so get there early for the best selection. For a full list of all the certified farmer’s markets in Los Angeles county and their operating schedules, visit the FarmerNet website.