Radio Stations

Los Angeles radio offers a wide variety of music for just about every taste. But when you’re visiting a new city or moving to a new location, it often takes a while to figure out where to find your favorite music on the dial. So we’ve put together this guide of the most popular radio stations in Los Angeles to get the music you love to your ears quicker.

KROQ – 106.7 FM

KROQ is the most popular alternative rock station in Los Angeles. You’ll get the latest alternative hits, some indie up-and-comers and classic alt rock. KROQ also features the famous Kevin and Bean show in the morning, which includes an irreverent take on typical morning talk shows, plus funny skits, celebrity interviews and Ralph Garman’s Movie Beat segment every hour on the hour.

Power 106 – 105.9 FM

Power 106 is consistently named the best hip-hop music station in the country, and it’s no wonder. Featuring the latest rap and hip-hop hits, lots of West Coast music you won’t find anywhere else, and the always-entertaining Big Boy in the Morning show, Power 106 has everything an urban music lover could want.

KIIS – 102.7 FM

If you’re looking for the latest pop hits, KIIS has you covered. You’ll find all the latest music from the pop charts, plus celebrity news and interviews on Ryan Seacrest’s morning show.

KCRW – 89.9 FM

If you’re a public radio kind of person, you’ll love KCRW. Catch NPR’s Morning Edition and All Things Considered, or find the latest indie and undiscovered music on Morning Becomes Eclectic. KCRW also features lots of local shows that cover everything from food to books to showbiz.

JACK – 93.1 FM

Like it’s many sister stations across the country, JACK plays a diverse mix of pop, rock, classics and everything in between. There are no DJs and no requests are taken, so if you want a station that never sounds the same, JACK is for you.

K-EARTH – 101.1 FM

Playing all your favorite oldies and classic hits, K-EARTH serves up everything from The Beatles to Stevie Wonder. Check out their morning show for your chance to win free gas.

KLOS – 95.5 FM

Got the itch for some classic rock? You’ll find the best that the 60s and 70s had to offer on KLOS. Their Mark & Brian morning show has been a staple for Los Angeles commuters for years.

Latino – 96.3 FM

If you love the latest latin music or want to expand your urban music listening, Latino 96.3 is where to set your dial. Featuring pop, rap and hip-hop, this station offers an eclectic mix of Spanish-language music and more.

AMP Radio – 97.1

If KIIS is too teeny-bopper for you, try AMP instead. Offering a similar format but with fresher music, you can get the latest pop and hip-hop hits without as much repetition. Mondays are commercial-free.

Unfortunately, Los Angeles no longer has a country music station as of a few years ago.